OTOCASH Market Is Temporary Closed

OTOCASH Market Is Temporary Closed

I would like to say thanks to all the investors who have supported the project, thanks also to all Exchanges, CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, Coincodex and OmniLayer Team for your support.

OTOCASH Market Is Temporary Closed

After OTOs are in the market for almost 4 months, We informed the exchanges to suspend OTO’s trading until May 15, 2019. With a frozen deposit facility and allow withdrawal until May, 12 2019.

This is a follow-up of our decision with the support of the majority of investors to swap tokens/coins. And the procedure for Token swap will be notified later.

Issue Of Action

This decision is taken for the following reasons:

1 . There is a requested from 193 investors who have newbie an involved in the Crypto world have neglected to wallet id as well and they can not access the wallet, involving a total of over 1622000 OTO Tokens.

2 . There are approximately 225000 OTO Tokens cheated/stolen by unscrupulous exchange/exchange representatives. And they’ve done the fall of OTO’s value by dumping market price.

We believe this action can be taken is because it will not affect the interests of investors or token holders, as currently, 1403 investors have earned their tokens from 1617 who have yet to apply for their tokens on the ICO Website and estimated there are only 16 new token holders. This makes it easier for us to reallocate that it will give more confidence to the OTOCASH project.


With these measures we are confident that it will benefit both investors and token holders and will surely restore the reputation of OTOCASH in the future.

Thank You