OTOCASH Coin (OTO) Scrypt-PoS Cryptocurrency

OTOCASH Coin (OTO) Scrypt-PoS Cryptocurrency

After a long discussing on weekend break with the all the OTOCASH Team Members, we decided that OTOCASH Token will be converted to OTOCASH Coin from Chain Protocol — Hashing Algorithm Scrypt-PoS Folked from Blackcoin. And we announce OTOCASH Coin is the Official Coin of OTOCASH Enterprise in force at the time and date of this announcement being made.

It is also announced that all development processes have been completed and all test processes have been completed. OTOCASH Market will be activated within 72 hours.

The OTOCASH Token swap process to OTOCASH Coin was started several hours ago. With priority given to Investors during ICO. For those who get OTOCASH Token on the market, the token swap process will start within 48 hours and KYC is required for the process.

We assure you that all swap processes will be made as soon as possible and we provide 24/7 support team to serve.