Delisting OTOCASH From InstantBitex And Raisex Exchange

Delisting OTOCASH From InstantBitex And Raisex Exchange

We announce that we have made a request to InstantBitex Exchange and Raisex Exchange for delisting OTOCASH from the platform.

This action is for the following reasons:

  1. 1. Still listing the OTO Token which we have announced switched to OTO Coin (Scrypt-PoS Crypto Coin).
  2. Non active market. We are certain that no user has purchased tokens from both of these Platform.
  3. There is only a Token from scammer address on the InstantBitex platform.
  4. There are complaints about the difficult and non-transparent KYC process on Raisex.

Reminds you not to trade OTOCASH on both Platforms. If you still have a valid Token there, you can contact us with proof by email to

OTOCASH COIN (OTO) is available and traded in the following Exchanges:

  1. Crex24
  2. Escodex
  3. FinexBox

More exchanges and piars will be announced in the near future.

Your interest is our priority.

Thank You