CEO Statement

CEO Statement


Hi all OTO holders and crypto lovers,

On behalf of OTOCASH Team, we apologized that recently we have been less active on social media, Twitter and Telegram.

We did not forget and ignore you all. We are working for the next step of OTOCASH development. In the near future, we will be updating and upgrading the official website, whitepaper and wallet. This will be done to make it more attractive and professional.

In addition, we are still in the process of developing a payment system platform with an appointed contractor and it is likely to be launched in December 2019 as embedded in our whitepaper.

We are also developing a secure and easy-to-use android wallet application for anyone.

For further development, we are evaluating several stablecoin additives to facilitate OTO conversion to stablecoin or local currencies in certain countries, especially in Southeast Asia, Latin America and China.

Related to the SWAP process which is not resolved quickly and has taken over 2 months. We state here that we are serious and committed to this process. You will need to perform Omniwallet verification and Id verification in some cases. Whereas for investors at the ICO level who did not move the OTO token (omni version) we have made swaps easier and have completed over 95% of applications.

Be reminded, that your interest is our priority.

Please contact us by email if you have any concerns.

Thank you.


Khairul Anuar (OTOCASH Founder/CEO)