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Escodex will shut down permanently on 15th October,2019

Regarding of the announcement made by ESCODEX EXCHANGE on Twitter –, we remind all OTO HOLDERs who have assets on ESCODEX EXCHANGE to immediately withdraw your assets before October 15th, 2019 4:00 PM Central Standard Time. However the @otocashofficial Team wishes to convey our thanks to the @EscodexOfficial Team, We started on your platform…
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OTOCASH wallet Version v1.0.1

Hi everyone We announce that we have release OTOCASH wallet Version v1.0.1 today, 5 days earlier than expected. In addition to this we also announced the addition of Staking Server, we have added 2 more servers for staking purposes. We have also added 4 server nodes up to 12 servers to guarantee OTOCASH Blockchain stability.…
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Whitepaper V1.3

Hi everyone We announce that we’re updating the OTOCASH Whitepaper, which will be called Whitepaper V1.3. Whitepaper V1.3 you only enter coin-related, whereas in the Payment System, a new whitepaper will be issued for that purpose. Please refer to the whitepaper Regards OTOCASH Team


Hi everyone, We announce that we have set up and publish the OTOCASH DOCUMENTATION website. We also publish a FAQ section on this site and you can find more information about OTOCASH. Please visit now Thank You OTOCASH Team


Hi All, We announce, starting today our Medium account become as the official media announcement from OTOCASH CEO. (link: ) .

OTO is back online on Altilly

We glad to inform that OTO has back online on with OTO/ETH and OTO/BTC pair. super fast deposit and lightning withdraw, try it!  ; .

The 3rd Explorer Hi All, we would like to say WELCOME to all new followers. Now we have the 3rd Explorer with more info about OTO transactions .

Market review on CREX24 Exchange

Market review on YouTube

Thank You CoinCodex

We would like to thank for being updating OTOCASH Coin OTO related data accurately.

OTOCASH Listed ON Crex24

We are glad to inform that $OTO has been listed on @Crex_24 with OTO/BTC pair. You can trade $ OTO with this link … Regards OTOCASH CEO