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OTOCASH wallet Version v1.0.1

Hi everyone We announce that we have release OTOCASH wallet Version v1.0.1 today, 5 days earlier than expected. In addition to this we also announced the addition of Staking Server, we have added 2 more servers for staking purposes. We have also added 4 server nodes up to 12 servers to guarantee OTOCASH Blockchain stability.…
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Wallet update notice

Hi All, Thank You for all of your support. Notify regarding wallet update that we will release OTOCASH wallet Version 1.0.1 on 10 Sep, 2019, which we call cosmetic updates. This update includes logo updates and descriptions in README, without touching the critical parts of the code. For Exchange, you can keep the current version…
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CEO Statement

Development Hi all OTO holders and crypto lovers, On behalf of OTOCASH Team, we apologized that recently we have been less active on social media, Twitter and Telegram. We did not forget and ignore you all. We are working for the next step of OTOCASH development. In the near future, we will be updating and…
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OTOCASH Coin (OTO) Scrypt-PoS Cryptocurrency

After a long discussing on weekend break with the all the OTOCASH Team Members, we decided that OTOCASH Token will be converted to OTOCASH Coin from Chain Protocol — Hashing Algorithm Scrypt-PoS. And we announce OTOCASH Coin is the Official Coin of OTOCASH Enterprise in force at the time and date of this announcement being made. It…
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OTOCASH Omnilayer Protocol Explorer

We are proud to announce the launch of The World First A Public OmniLayer Protocol Token Block Explorer With Rich List.

Token Converted

ERC20/OmniLayer Protocol to Scrypt-PoS Protocol Please be announced OTOCASH (OTO) ERC20/OmniLayer Protocol Token has been Swap to OTOCASH own blockchain is called Scrypt-PoS Protocol. Further Development Overview Development of web wallet with ZERO Fee facility between wallet/user. Development of mobile wallet with ZERO Fee facility between wallet/user. Development of crypto payment website. Coin Details The…
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