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Note :
a) Premine amount mined with the previous token amount.
b) Company reserve amount include 300K OTO at 3 staking wallets, but only 4.7 million will be released 470000 OTO/ month starting 0n Dec 30 2019


Algorithm: Scrypt-PoS
Coin Decimals: 8
Genesis Date: March 01,2018
Wallet Version: v1.0.0
Supply Type: Mineable By Staking
Block Reward: 0.0001 OTO
Average Blocktime: 140 Seconds
Spend Confirmation: 1/10


Premine: 38254582 OTO
Company Reserve: 5000000 OTO
Company Members: 2500000 OTO
Circulation Supply : 33254582 OTO
12 Months Reserve Address:


Coin Name: OTOCASH
Coin Symbol: OTO
Asset Type: COIN


ICO Sold: 30754582 OTO
ICO Date:
March 30,2018 – November 30, 2018
ICO Price: 0.00004 BTC – 0.00006 BTC With Bonus 10% – 60%

What is OTOCASH ?

OTOCASH (OTO) is a Scrypt-PoS Based Cryptocurrency, OTOCASH coin will be used on OTOCASH PAYMENT SYSTEM platform that enables buyers to use their OTO Coin’s in order to pay sellers (private or merchants). We provide user or merchants with the safety and convenience with KYC and offer the best consumer-protection to buyers and sellers.

World’s today, made the transactions through the existing financial system has imposed a high charge. Almost 90% of the financial system that exists today cost more than 2% fees and apparently are very costly to consumers. To solve this problem, OTOCASH will create an innovation payment platform that will be free charge when using OTO’s. The advancement of blockchain technology enables this to be realised by using our advanced formulas.

When you make payments and transactions to any seller or anyone in the world via cryptocurrency, you will always face doubt and fear of being deceived; No one wants to be a victim of fraud. For that, we develop something that will dispose the user’s fear. By creating an efficient system and platform for consumer need across the globe, it is convincing that future affairs will be more fluent and OTOCASH will become a platform that can adapted to various forms of transactions and payments.

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