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A cryptocurrency wallet is a device, physical medium, program or service which stores the public and/or private keys and can be used to track ownership, receive or spend cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency itself is not in the wallet.

DEFINITION of OTOCASH Core. An integral part of the OTOCASH network, OTOCASH Core is a software program specially designed to correctly identify valid blocks on the blockchain that contains valid OTOCASH coin transactions. It includes a secure wallet that can be used to store, send and receive OTOCASH coins.

What is wallet dat?
Wallet.dat. This method is used by OTOCASH Core (and few others) and comprises of backing  up a wallet.dat file. It’s a file that holds keys to spend outputs, addresses, transaction information, and other metadata such as contacts. It has a different location based on an operating system.

How do I see Blockchain ledger?
To look up an OTOCASH transaction, users can visit and use the search bar on the upper right to learn more about a particular OTOCASH address, transaction hash, or block number by entering it in the search field. Once you click enter, information about your search query will display.

What is Blockchain storage?
Blockchain storage is one way to do that. Blockchain storage is still a relatively young technology, but its popularity is growing. Potential enterprise use cases have startedto emergee in an effort to increase data storage security and reliability.

What is a Blockchain address?
address is used to receive and send transactions on a blockchain. network it contains a
stream of alphanumeric characters. but can also be represented as a QR code it is also
known as a public key. when you download a cryptocurrency wallet.

What is a OTOCASH full node?
Full node. From Bitcoin Wiki. Any computer that connects to the OTOCASH network is called a node. Nodes that fully verify all of the rules of OTOCASH are called full nodes. The most popular software implementation of full nodes is called OTOCASH Core, its latest release can be found on the github page.

What is in OTOCASH wallet?
DEFINITION of OTOCASH Wallet. A OTOCASH wallet is a software program where OTOCASH coins are stored. To be technically accurate, OTOCASH coins are not stored anywhere; there is a private key (secret number) for every OTOCASH address that is saved in the OTOCASH wallet of the person who owns the balance.