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Hello, and welcome to the OTOCASH Documentation And Knowledge Base website. We hope to help you understand more about this coin, its philosophy and technologies that runs behind it. Before getting too technical, we invite you to dive a little bit into the explanation of OTOCASH, learning why it was created, and the purposes behind it.

The key innovation of OTOCASH is the invention of Proof-of-Stake, a blockchain consensus algorithm that provides efficient, sustainable security and user governance, allowing for a trustless cryptocurrency network with adaptive inflation and a core focus on securely storing all types of value.


OTOCASH is a Scrypt-PoS based cryptocurrency, that will be used on OTOCASH payment system platform that enables users to use their OTO Coin to pay users (private or merchants). OTOCASH payment system provided users with the safety and convenience with KYC to every users or merchant and offer the best consumer-protection.

Today, made the transactions through the existing financial system has imposed a high charge. Almost 90% of the financial system that exists today costs more than 2% fees and is very costly to consumers. OTOCASH will create an innovation payment platform that will be a free charge when using OTO’s to solve this problem. The advancement of blockchain technology enables this to be realised by using our platform.

When you make payments and transactions to any seller or anyone in the world via cryptocurrency, you will always face doubt and fear of being deceived; No one wants to be a victim of fraud. For that, we develop something that will dispose of the user’s fear. By creating an efficient system and platform for consumer need across the globe, it is convincing that future affairs will be more fluent and OTOCASH will become a platform adapted to various forms of transactions and payments.