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Build instructions (Ubuntu 16)

It will not compile on Ubuntu 17, 18 or latest only Ubuntu 16 is need due libssl-dev update Only Ubuntu 16 is need to compile OTOCASH wallet cd src/ make -j3 -f makefile.unix apt-get install libleveldb-dev configure make Note : without installed leveldb -dev it will not work

Build instructions

OTOCASH-qt: Qt5 GUI for OTOCASH Debian Jessie First, make sure that the required packages for Qt5 development of your distribution are installed, for Debian and Ubuntu these are: apt-get install qt5-default qt5-qmake qtbase5-dev-tools qttools5-dev-tools \ build-essential libboost-dev libboost-system-dev \ libboost-filesystem-dev libboost-program-options-dev libboost-thread-dev \ libssl-dev libdb++-dev libminiupnpc-dev then execute the following: qmake make Alternatively, install Qt…
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