Thank You CoinCodex

We would like to thank for being updating OTOCASH Coin OTO related data accurately.

OTOCASH Listed ON Crex24

We are glad to inform that $OTO has been listed on @Crex_24 with OTO/BTC pair. You can trade $ OTO with this link … Regards OTOCASH CEO

Delisting OTOCASH From InstantBitex And Raisex Exchange

We announce that we have made a request to InstantBitex Exchange and Raisex Exchange for delisting OTOCASH from the platform. This action is for the following reasons: 1. Still listing the OTO Token which we have announced switched to OTO Coin (Scrypt-PoS Crypto Coin). Non active market. We are certain that no user has purchased…
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Thank You CoinMarketCap

We would like to thank CoinMarketCap for being updating OTOCASH Coin OTO related data accurately. We will give full support for a new DATA policy. Our success is with CoinMarketCap. Thank you.

Listed on FinexBox Exchange

We glad to inform that $OTO has been listed on FinexBox with OTO/USDT pair. You can trade $OTO with this link …

Thank You CoinGecko

We would like to thank CoinGecko and Team for updating OTOCASH Coin $OTO related data accurately. Our progress is with you. Thank you for your support and service. …

Thank You to Omnilayer

Thank You to all Omnilayer Team Members for your support to OTOCASH Project. Thank You to bring to us A Good Product and Platform. As we are declaring that OTOCASH Token #701, Is no longer as our official token anymore.

OTOCASH Market is now OPENED

Announced that OTOCASH Market was reopened with OTOCASH Coin. You can get the OTO coin on the Escodex Exchange safely. With this announcement we inform OTOCASH-Omnilayer Protocol Token not active in all exchange and is not recognized. Regards


OTOCASH (OTO) is Scrypt-PoS Cryptocurrency. Further Development Overview Development of web wallet. Development of mobile wallet with ZERO Fee facility between user. Development of crypto payment website. Development of OTOCASH payment system website. Coin Details Coin Name : OTOCASHCoin Symbol : OTODecimal : 8Genesis Date : March 01,2018Algorithm : Scrypt-PoSWallet Version : v1.0.0Supply Type : Mineable By Staking Block Reward : 0.0001 OTOAverage Blocktime : 140 SecondsSpend Confirmation :…
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Token Swap

Please be informed that we have received an application for Swap to OTO Coin from 87% Investor at ICO and 96% of OTO holders who get OTO in the market. All swap arrangements will be settled on or before May 30, 2019. All Tokens are guaranteed to be SWAPPED 1:1 to OTOCASH COIN except token-tokens…
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